ORE Program P1

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    The ORE Program P1 is an olfactory training program using realistic scent images to help our mind recreate perceptual experiences.

    Product Details

    The ORE Program comes in a beautiful box with an olfactory information booklet and a carnet of 30 scent blotter stripes for you to use. The extra blotters can be ordered with us anytime. The standard ORE Program includes 12 odours in eau de parfum concentration. On request, the oil-based formula is also available.

    Regenerating With Mindfulness

    Create Perceptual Experiences With Scent Images

    Visualisation and Meditation Tips

    If you are doing this training alone, we recommend finding a quiet corner free of clutter and distractions, sitting comfortably and starting this meditative smelling session with a calm mind and good concentration. Spray the scent onto the paper blotter and place it under your nose, then inhale slowly and deeply.

    If able, we recommend carrying out the olfactory and visualisation session with the help of family or close friends. For example, they could help with recording your responses to each scent in order to track your progress. More importantly, their presence may have a beneficial effect on your progress.

    Recovering can be a slow process. We all know that uplifting the spirit, ridding ourselves of anxiety and nourishing our bodies with plenty of rest and healthy foods are the best ways to help our bodies regenerate and revitalise. Taking care of your mind and body during this time will help increase the benefits of the program.