The Composer of Olfactory Imagery

Regenerating with Mindfulness
Improving the wellbeing through senses

Creating olfactory scenography and composing the scents that stimulate the sensory perceptions in particular epitomise Vincent Micotti’s phenomenal capacity for recreating perceptual olfactory images. Back in 2014, Vincent Micotti created the first “good mood” perfume for Dr. Jeanne Fürst, a renowned TV presenter of the Swiss health program, Gesundheitheute. The idea was to create a perfume that fought against the November blues, uplifting the spirit and clearing the mind. Vincent Micotti was invited onto the program, where he met with individuals who had unfortunately lost their sense of smell through accident and illness. There he learned how much people suffer in their experience of the world when they have lost their olfactory senses. The enjoyment of social eating does no longer exist; even a cup of coffee seems to be a strange and bitter liquid; and the feeling of isolation from the world become a permanent struggle.

In the past seven years since the creation for Dr. Jeanne Fürst, Vincent Micotti has created many more fragrances tailored to the needs of individuals, with great success in improving health and psychological wellbeing. Due to the global health crisis of 2020, many people are suffering from emotional and psychological stress. The concept of creating further olfactory products intended to help people recover and feel better therefore occurred. Discover more about our olfactory world and our master perfumer behind the ORE Program at MVx2.

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