Each scent delivers a realistic representation of an emotional landscape in our everyday lives

Natural Gas


N°1 presents the smell of natural gas, with the aim to awaken our instinct for danger.

Nordic Clean Bedlinen


N°2 illustrates the impression of clean, Scandinavian bed linen, calling to mind happy and relaxed times spent in holiday cottages.

Chalet Fireplace


N°3 projects the warmly recognisable smell of a chalet: oxygen-rich mountain air, open space, a fresh breeze through large trees, a sun terrace and the joyful time around a fireplace.

Black Forest Gateau


N°4 is a realistic olfactory representation of a black forest gateau. It enables our mind to create a three-dimensional image of a delicious cake in front of our eyes.

Humid Forest Floor


N°5 offers the sensation of walking on a slightly humid forest floor. It conjures the pleasant smell of nature: the wet wood logs covered in moss, the moist pine nuts and the fallen pine needles crunching underfoot.



N°6 offers a faithful representation of fine champagne. This smell aims to recall moments of celebration, joy and love in our memories.

Flower Shop


N°7 showcases an exemplary olfactory impression of a flower shop. The air is humid and the space is packed with fresh flowers; some in vases and some beautifully arranged in hanging flowerpots. This distinctive scent aims to remind us of positive mood and joyful ambience.

Grass Hill


N°8 illustrates a quintessential impression of late summer while walking up a gentle, rolling hill. The humidity and temperature in the air accentuate the smell of the freshly cut grass, creating an ambience that is soothing and mood-lifting.


Mandarin Gelato


N°9 demonstrates the essential character of delicious mandarin gelato. The emphasis on the ice-cold citrusy freshness is intended to remind us of childhood memories, of summers spent outside playing in the sun.

Rotten Freezer


N°10 invokes the dangerous smell of a rotten freezer caused by unstable temperature control: the smell of expired dairy products, old vanilla ice cream, rancid butter, and meat.

Green Chilli Pepper


N°11 showcases a realistic representation of ripe chilli pepper, plucked straight from the plant: fresh and green, spicy and addictive. The hot notes in this work aim to give our sensory receptors a little positive kick, just like any other piquant foods.

Paint Solvent


N°12 renders a powerful smell of chemical solvents and spray paints with the intention of awakening our olfactory and sensory instinct.